How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

Your product descriptions are important for two reasons:

First, you want your products to be something your target customers can resonate with. This way, they can see it as something that fills their need.

Secondly, you want to make sure search engines can understand what it is you’re selling in order to serve your ideal customers with your products when their needs materialize in the form of a Google search.

If you’re tempted to simply go with the product descriptions you got from your supplier on AliExpress or just with any supplier description in general, this guide will change your mind and give you simple action steps to write brilliant product descriptions for your dropshipping store.

First things first: why you need your own product descriptions

When you first import products into your dropshipping store, using the existing descriptions looks like an easy and time-saving path to take and get your products in front of your customers right away.

However, there are several downsides with this strategy:

Supplier descriptions aren’t written with SEO in mind. Unlike keyword-driven online shops that depend on search rankings to drive traffic and revenue, product descriptions from manufacturers and wholesalers don’t have search terms, search intent, or any SEO-specific best practices in mind.

If you just import these descriptions, you’re not giving yourself a fair chance to rank for keywords that matter to you.

Supplier descriptions are specification-driven. Most often, they describe sizes, colors, weight, power, and other tangible features. There’s nothing wrong with these; in fact, you definitely need them because your customers want to know these things.

The problem is that suppliers often don’t go beyond these physical features of a product and don’t describe the benefits and results—which is what most customers need to make their decision.

For example, here’s the product description section of one dress on AliExpress:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

It’s a good start, but it’s not enough to entice someone to purchase!

Supplier descriptions are often not in-depth. Building on the previous point, these descriptions are often quite dry and don’t  explain how the product benefits a customer. They might state a few bullet points and never go into paragraphs or even sentences about what the customer might care for. This offers a lot of space for improvement.

Supplier descriptions can be inconsistent. If you import products from multiple suppliers, there’s a chance they will be vastly different from each other in formatting, length, and wording, and this can leave a negative impact on your potential customer.

If they go on a longer browsing session in your shop, inconsistent product description won’t only make it hard for them to compare them, but it may get them to lose trust in the overall quality of your store.

In all this, there is great news: you can write your own high-performing product descriptions—easily. Let’s go through the steps.

Get all the information you need

Before you write a single word of your product description, you’ll want to open a blank document and simply copy all the relevant product information and paste it into this document without any editing.

Essentially, you want to have all the details and technical specs in one place so that you can start shaping this description into an experience for the customer.

As an example, let’s say you want to sell this drone in your dropshipping store.

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

First, you’ll copy all the item specifics, features, descriptions and package content from AliExpress:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

Then, you can head to Google and Amazon and search for that same product there. On Amazon, you might want to look for any bullet points that weren’t included in the information you already gathered from AliExpress:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

In Google, you might see many similar listings to the one on Amazon or AliExpress, but this product also has its section on the brand’s official website, so you can find more gold nuggets here:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

You should take this approach with every product you want to dropship. It isn’t as time-consuming as it might seem at first, and it will multiply the positive impact of your product pages.

Let’s now start shaping this information.

Derive benefits from this information

When you look at the features we listed above, they are likely to confuse and sound irrelevant to an average customer. What does anti-interference mean? What is a 6-axis system? How do blade protectors make a difference?

If you’re selling drones and all your customers are tech-savvy, this might work for you. The chances are—they’re not!

A better approach is to always take technical specifications and features and turn them into tangible benefits for the customers in your product descriptions.

For example, a blade protector means that your drone is safe in case it falls or collides with an object that would otherwise wear the blades out. A 6-axis system means your drone will easily resist sudden wind gusts and be more stable overall. See how this turned into something an average drone fan can relate to?

A great example comes from Joovy, a parent products retailer. Look at how they take a feature and immediately turn it into a benefit:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

Nobody cares about the mesh pockets and reflective materials—everybody cares about convenience and safety. Think about this for the products in your shop!

Find the perfect format for you

There is no one-size-fits-all product description formula. There isn’t a magical number of words, bullet points, or images that are proven to sell your products better than any other format.

When you collect all your product information and turn it into benefits, you want to make sure your potential customer consumes this information in a way that makes them feel like the product is exactly for them.

A great starting point for a product description formula is a paragraph of prose and a list of bullet points. This works in most cases because it allows enough space to be descriptive about the product and tell its story and it is skimmable and easy to digest.

However, over time, you might want to take this further and really dig deep into what matters most to your customers and the visual representation that emphasizes key benefits of the product.

Take the example from MyProtein. They know what their audience—a fitness community—needs to know right away in order to decide whether a product is worth their time. This is at the top of their product description page:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

This page goes on and packs a lot of information across four tabs, but the most important details are emphasized with bold text and bullet points.

Dollar Shave Club is another excellent example. As you might notice, the longest text on this product page is only two sentences long. All details are packed into bullet points, icons, and numbered tips:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

This tells you that their customers need quick, skimmable product pages with step-by-step usage tips so that they can make the most of their investment. Your customers are unique, and by taking into consideration what matters to them when they’re purchasing, you can test different formats and find what works best for your dropshipping store.

Add your tone, emotions, and your customer’s wording

Finally, after your description lists benefits for your customer and it’s in the format that showcases and promotes these benefits the best, it’s time to have one final review of it.

This time, you want to make sure you add your own tone and style into the way you talk about your products. On top of that, if you can speak towards specific emotions and use your customer’s words while doing so, it’s an additional win!

A brilliant example of this is ASOS. You’ll probably agree with the fact that describing clothes, shoes, and accessories a thousand times over can get a little tedious and dry.

That’s why ASOS takes this unique approach with sandals…

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

…and a wash bag:

How to Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions That Stand Out and Sell

Would these product descriptions be enough without the “it’s high-shine season” style bullet points? Sure. Do they make them better? Absolutely. They’ve used popular terms, potential problems (losing your toothbrush), and phrases that will make you read through everything twice.

By doing this, their descriptions stand out in the sea of all others that repeat the same information. Consider ways you can do this for your target audience!

Leave no questions unanswered

The main goal of a great product description in your dropshipping store is to leave no questions unanswered.

When you complete your description, show it to someone who has bought similar items in the past. Check if they have questions, uncertainties and requirements for more information that would make them more likely to buy what your product page is selling.

Remember, you’re replacing a real-life store experience with your product description, so make sure it’s a great one. Happy writing!

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