How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Attracting a lot of traffic to your dropshipping store definitely has its benefits. More people = more chance to sell, right?


But more targeted traffic and loyal, recurring visitors = a profitable dropshipping store for a long time ahead.

With some highly intentional marketing strategies, you can create a system that brings you new, highly relevant traffic consistently and increase the average customer value and the revenue you generate.

Let’s get started!

Go after the most targeted eCommerce traffic

For your dropshipping leads and buyers to turn into loyal and recurring customers, you first want to ensure you’re attracting the right people and encourage them to naturally progress through your channels and store.

There are several tips to keep in mind and implement to make this happen.

Make their first touchpoint an experience

Imagine this. You’ve been wanting to decorate your home office for a while, but you haven’t yet decided how, and you haven’t done much research around home office decor so far.

One day, you’re casually scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you find an account that features the most beautiful workspaces, stationery, and bookshelves. You tap into their profile and see they had a livestream this morning, so you watch it.

In their livestream, you discover they have a home office decor checklist you can use, so you click through the link in their bio, sign up for their list, and download it.

An hour later, you’ve learned everything they’ve talked about, devoured their social channels and got dozens of ideas, and you’re now ready to decorate your home office—by buying supplies from this store.

This is just one of many potential ways to create an addictive and I-need-this-right-now feeling for your potential customers from the moment they find you. Here are some ideas for you to brainstorm around all your online touchpoints:

Make sure all your profile descriptions make it obvious who you help and what you’re selling. Large brands don’t have to do this, but essentially everyone else does—and it’s a good thing because you can stand out! This is a good example from the Cultivate shop:

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Make your profile links across all platforms lead to a hyper-specific page or offer. While there is no harm in sending traffic to your homepage, there is a much higher chance your visitors will get lost there. With a specific offer, you can be sure they are the targeted lead you want and not just a random visitor!

Use your profile description to entice them to do something that will bring them value, like enter a giveaway or sign up for a free resource, a discount, or an ongoing offer. Great examples come from and Bergdorf Goodman:

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Reach them where they’re expecting you

Thanks to the way Google and Facebook use browsing data, business owners can reach their target audience with a low-cost, low-risk investment into paid ads. What does this mean for you and how you can get started?

Make the most out of Google Shopping

You’ve definitely seen Google Shopping ads before—they show up when a user searches for a product. At the moment, they display five products:

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Along with product images and names, they also display seller name and price. They can also show features like free delivery, lifetime returns, and star ratings.

Paid Google ads in general work well because you pay for clicks (as opposed to impressions), and you can get highly targeted clicks by focusing on highly purchase-driven search terms.

On top of that, Google Shopping ads have the advantage of higher conversion rates than regular ads, and they can help you reinforce your brand.

To get started, you need to:

These campaigns can get quite advanced, but the most important thing is to prepare your product feed and launch your first campaign that you can later learn from and optimize.

Use paid ads on social to reach your target audience

We’ve covered this before, but it’s important to reiterate: with paid ads on social, you can get in front of your ideal demographic. This works particularly well on Facebook and Instagram as their user bases outnumber all other social networks with 2.2 billion and 1 billion users respectively.

From your Facebook Ads Manager, you can start with some of the following:

  • Pick a goal within Awareness (e.g. reach), Consideration (e.g. video views or traffic), or Conversion (e.g. purchases)
  • Identify where your target audience tends to hang out the most. Is it in their Facebook feeds? Instagram feeds? Instagram stories? You can create a super-specific ad for each of these placements and encourage them to take action and engage with your offers
  • Install the Facebook pixel to be able to retarget people who have engaged with your ads through other placements and campaigns and create brand recognition

This is your place to get creative. Remember that example from before all about decorating a home office? They could promote that checklist mentioned earlier with Facebook ads and amplify the reach of this offer to build a strong list of leads.

To do that, they could use a video, blog post, a simple image, and much more across multiple placements on these networks.

Get on board with conversational commerce

There is a trend in everything we’ve mentioned so far: getting a direct purchase from both your organic and paid traffic is great, but getting an engaged lead is even better.

Why is that?

When you rely on incoming traffic to attract new revenue, you will always depend on the state of the market, such as your competitors’ campaigns and the traffic-building efforts you have invested in the recent weeks and months.

However, when you focus on building loyal, excited leads for your dropshipping store, it means they will not only keep returning to your store when they need an upgrade or a refill for their product, but they will also tell others about you.

Here are key ways to attract dropshipping leads and keep them happy for a long time.

Email marketing

You might know email marketing just in the form of newsletters from the brands you’re subscribed to. They work great for staying top of mind as you show up in your customer’s inbox on a recurring basis—no channel discussed so far lets you be that personal.

Even better news—you can do so much more with email!

First, let’s look into some ways you can collect email addresses from you potential customers:

Offer a discount. This is probably the most widely used way to collect emails by online retailers due to its simplicity: you have a signup page where your visitor trades their email address for a percentage off their first purchase.

Make a time-sensitive offer. You can build some scarcity into your email list building by offering an unmissable deal in your dropshipping store, but only if your visitor signs up with their email by a certain date.

Create a valuable resource. Arguably one of the most efficient strategies for email list building is something we mentioned in the home decor checklist example earlier. If you can create a guide, checklist, worksheet, a video-walkthrough, or any resource that your potential customers would gladly pay for to make their life easier (and it aligns with your dropshipping niche), offer it in exchange for an email address!

Once you start collecting emails, what do you do with them?

Check in with them after a few days. A simple email that says “Hey, I noticed you signed up—did we meet your expectations?” can do wonders early in the nurturing process. Make it easy for them to reply to emails so that you can spark real conversations and gain insights from your target market.

Announce new products in the store. Remember, your email leads signed up because they want to know about your niche. Your products can help them with something in their life. Because of this, make sure to announce when you add new products to the store—and tell them why they should care!

A great example comes from Boucleme:

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Bring them back to their carts. More than 3/4 of your potential customers will abandon their carts. They may have just been browsing your store and wanted to see the cost of their order and shipping. On another hand, maybe they were interrupted or they found a better option than yours. Make sure to show up in their inbox with their cart ready to be purchased!

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Abandoned carts can recover a significant chunk of otherwise lost revenue, and don’t forget they get opened, clicked, and ordered from—a lot! They bring value to your customer, hence making it worth their time to open and engage with your emails.

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Messenger, WhatsApp, and more

Deepening the idea of creating genuine conversations with customers leads us to messaging apps.

This is still an underused channel by most businesses. At its core, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can help online stores increase customer satisfaction, spark word-of-mouth marketing, and create brand ambassadors.

They are the perfect way to improve the final steps of your customer’s journey when they might have questions and doubts and provide a constant touchpoint.

You can use this channel for quite similar purposes as email, but keep in mind this is an even more intimate environment for the customer—they use text messages to stay in touch with friends and family.

Don’t abuse their trust when they sign up to hear from you in these 1:1 situations and make sure to always deliver what’s beneficial to them. Here are some ideas:

Deliver updates. Shipping information, changes in order status, and anything else that the customer would be happy to have at hands immediately. KLM was the first airline with a verified WhatsApp business account for this purpose:

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Upsell and cross-sell. This is something you definitely shouldn’t do on a frequent basis, but if you have customers who have purchased a certain item and they even purchase on a recurring basis, you can use instant messages to suggest compatible products or refills. If they’ve shown you they care about certain categories of products, this is where you can make the most out of that!

Recover abandoned carts. Just like with emails, you can use Messenger to remind customers they’ve left products in their cart and enable them to order within a few taps from that message. This is easily one of the most relevant messages you can send and wow your customers!

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads


Live chat

To top this all off, think about what you can do with live chat.

While email and instant messages can help you reach your potential customer, live chat is what will help them get the support they need before they are ready to purchase.

Live chat in your dropshipping store is like a real-life sales assistant in a physical store—always available to answer questions and help in choosing the perfect product.

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads


Here are some of the actions you can take with your live chat to create the best experience for your customer:

  • Make live chat support obvious. Your customer can become confused or frustrated at any point in their journey on your website, from homepage to product pages to checkout stage. Make sure they don’t need to search for your support option—make it immediately accessible in the bottom right corner!
  • Be proactive. Many live chat software options now offer an ability to auto-send a message to your customer before they send anything to you. You can even target this to customers who have visited more than a certain number of pages, and then ask a question such as “Looking for something specific? Let us know if we can help.”
  • Set expectations. Letting the customer know whether they will wait 5 minutes or 5 hours can make a huge difference in how much they trust you and how willing they will be to rely on you instead of looking for an alternative. This is a great example from MyProtein:

How to Make the Most of Your Dropshipping Customers and Leads

Become a part of your customer’s day

Ultimately, you want your dropshipping store to become the go-to option for your customer when it comes to your dropshipping niche and what you excel at.

To do this, you have to stay top of mind—and with these tips, you can. Multiple touchpoints, reminders of important offers and relevant products, and showing up when they need you most will differentiate you from all your competitors.


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